The following is from our reunion organisor Mick Stanley. Because this is being put on the "open" part of the web site I have removed Mick's contact details so if you wish to send him a cheque or need more details please email me and I will supply the required contact information.                                                                                                                              

The Next 50th Anniversary

        Although I said that the last reunion would be the last we would have, I have had my arm twisted by several people (you know who you are) so here I am again.  2011 will mark the 50th Anniversary of our passing out from Locking and, having celebrated in 2008, joining the Apprentices, it's appropriate that we should  mark this occasion too.

        I will try to keep the costs as low as possible because, of course, there will not be any subsidy this time. Several people said last time that they thought the 'disco' was a waste of time and I must agree. The guy who ran it didn't seem to grasp what I'd asked him to do. We were spoilt by the man we had at the last reunion we had in Stoke and I was hoping to create a similar atmosphere but it wasn't to be. So no 'disco' this time.

        The deposit on the Birnbeck Suite at the Royal Hotel in Weston is paid so that we can all get together again (fitness and perambulatory aids permitting) on 17th September 2011.The ticket price will be 27.50 per head. This is based on a similar Buffet and at least the same attendance as the last time  Please make a note, in a place where you are sure to remember, and do your best to make this reunion as good as the last one.

        I'm sure there will be quite a few of us making a weekend of it so it's time to start making your arrangements. As yet I haven't got a price list for accommodation at the Royal but you can try their website (   or telephone on 01934 423100 to check what is available. They have said that they will offer a discount if you mention the fact that you will be attending the Reunion.

      On a different note, a group of us went to Australia last year, via a tortuous route including a cruise round the South China Sea, and met up with Chris Anscombe, Pete Bergeman and Roger (Chunky) Pyne in Adelaide. There are a couple of photos of us all together on Tom Vellacott's website ( The password is the entry motto without spaces and there are lots more photos and articles for your perusal. I'm sure Tom would appreciate your comments and contributions.

   The address list has been updated and please contact Tom Vellacott ( if you would like a copy. All the entries in black have been verified, the ones in orange are possibilities and have yet to be contacted by post. The entries in red are the last known details. I will send letters to these addresses in the hope that they will be forwarded or returned, possibly with more information. If you can help with any details please get in touch as soon as possible as it will keep down postage costs.

       As I said earlier, there isn't any money in the pot so, if it's possible, it would help me tremendously if you could let me have your payments sooner rather than later so that I'll have access to funds to cover expenses. Please make cheques  payable to 90 AA Association and send them to me.

       Take care and I hope to hear from you soon,

                         Mike Stanley